Outing #1: A Tour of Castles and Estates

Includes bus transfer, two guided tours, coffee and cake at one of the estates and a typical Holstein dinner.
9.30 am to 6.30 pm, 59.00 EUR/person

In the Northernmost county, you find more manor houses and castles than in many other regions of Germany. Their history can sometimes be traced back for centuries. Some of them are museums today and public property, others are used as hotels, boarding houses or conference centres. But there are also families who are long-term residents and who live on their estates and take care of them.
For our tour of “Holstein Switzerland”, we selected three places that are especially photogenic. We start at the estate Gut Hasselburg not far from Lübeck. Hasselburg is most beautiful when the morning sun shines on the biggest gatehouse in Schleswig-Holstein. There are plenty of photo opportunities on the spacious grounds.

Gatehouse of Hasselburg

Like most old estates, Gut Kletkamp also has a gatehouse. After a guided tour through the manor house we will be indulged with home-made apple pie.

Gatehouse of Kletkamp

The third destination is Plön castle. We are sadly not allowed inside, but from the large castle terrace, you have a wonderful view over the lake. Furthermore, there is the castle park with the Princes’ House, a pleasure palace in rococo style.
We end the day with a meal typical of the Schleswig-Holstein region in the former swimming pool.

Plön Castle