Outing #2: Zoo “Ark Warder”

Includes bus transfer, admission fee.
9.00 am to 3.30 pm, 28.00 EUR/person

This half-day trip takes us to Arche Warder, Europe’s largest zoo for domestic and farm animals threatened by extinction. Over 1000 animals from 82 different races live on an area of approximately 98 acres, among others Poitou donkeys, black and white Angler Saddleback pigs, Telemark cattle, Soay sheep, Tarpan horses, Girgentana goat and Belgian d'Uccle hens.
Never heard of them? We will happily close that gap in your knowledge. In order that you are able to see (and photograph) as much as possible on this vast area, we have planned plenty of time. You are even allowed to step onto some meadows and get close to some sheep and goats – a good opportunity of beautiful animal portraits. And those who get hungry can get food from the farm’s kitchen.

Girgentana goat Belgian d'Uccle