Outing #5: Sieseby and Hedeby

Includes bus transfer, admission fee to Hedeby, guided tour, lunch buffet.
8.00 am to 5.30 pm, 45.00 EUR/person

This day trip takes us to the peninsula Schwansen north of Kiel. We will first visit the village Sieseby by the shore of the Schlei, an inlet of the Baltic Sea. With its whitewashed houses with thatched roofs and carefully tended gardens, it counts as one of the most beautiful villages of Schleswig-Holstein. It is classified as a historical monument, because for centuries barely anything has been changed here. The fieldstone church is worth a visit. Its foundation walls date back to the 12th century. A lane bordered by lime trees leads across the cemetery – an ideal stereo motif.

Sieseby Walking along the Schlei

After a stop at the historic windmill “Anna”, we continue our tour to Hedeby, the place of a famous Viking settlement, that has only recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At this historic site, seven houses have been rebuilt as well as a ship landing stage that depict the life at the time of the Vikings. The grounds are surrounded by a ridge. On the meadows inside the ridge, archaeological excavations are still taking place. Inside the museum, the history of the Vikings is explained with numerous archaeological findings. The museum café awaits us with a delicious lunch buffet.