Trade Fair


Thomas Asch
An assortment of stereo antiques like stereoviews, viewers and View Master Reels

Ilicia Benoit

Tom Bloch-Nakkerud
Collection of classic cameras and projectors (Belplasca, Coronet, Heidoscop, View-Master, Sputnik etc.), viewers, glasses, filters, parts, stereoviews, books, magazines

de Wijs apparatenbouw
3D glasses and accessories, analogue and digital viewers

Alex Hornstein
The Looking Glass

The London Stereoscopic Company
Books (Mission Moon 3-D, George Washington Wilson, Queen in 3-D), OWL Virtual Reality Kit, Lite OWLs, 3-D Card Sets

Roman Shmidt
“Eureka” stereoscopes with sets of stereocards, exhibition slide stereoscopes

Peter Stajkoski
Surplus of antique stereo cameras, viewers and stereoviews from the inventory of the Museum Jules Richard in the state of Brandenburg, Germany

George Themelis
3D equipment

German Society for Stereoscopy (DGS)
Some remaining copies of 3D books by some of our members, historic picture sets by Jacques Henri Lartigue, back numbers of our “stereo journal”



Sylvain Arnoux
Stereo drawing machine and viewer

Didier Chatellard

CP Gabriel
Kaiserpanorama VR+

Holger Lauterjung
Lenticular pictures